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Updated: Apr 1, 2020

All listed AMARON batteries purchased would carry the warranty with the validity period as stated herein. The warranty coverage may vary in accordance with the specification of the batteries and the type(s) of vehicle engine. The warranty period for

AMARON batteries shall be 36 months on pro-rata basis or up to 60,000 km, whichever the earlier and subject to the terms and condition below, as follows:-


1. It is called 18+18 months warranty with 1 to 1 replacement basis (same model and same brand) where claim made within the 1st till 18th months of the the battery life upon purchase will be free of charge replacement.

Eg: a claim has been made on second months after purchase where the battery purchased has been returned for replacement, the replaced battery will carry the remaining 34 months warranty period.

2. When a claim is made after 18th months of warranty period [with the payment (subject to the discount given) made for the replacement] shall carry the full duration of warranty period.

Eg: If a claim was made on the 20th month of the warranty period, a 45% from the unit price will be discounted and to be paid with the remaining amount for a BRAND NEW car battery with again 36 months Warranty. GOOD AS NEW!!

Need a small example of calculation?

Here you go..

Situation 1 :Claim within 18 months warranty

Miss Y bought NS40 (38B20L) for RM250. On the 15th month of warranty period, the battery was sent for claim for FOC to be replaced with a brand new battery of the same model same brand.

Situation 2 : Claim after 18 months warranty

Mr.X bought NS40 (38B20L) for RM250. On the 20th month of warranty period, the battery was sent for claim with RM250 - 45% = RM137.50 to be replaced with brand new car battery of the same model same brand.

Customers get to check their own warranty too.

To purchase Call or WhatsApp 014-343 6553 and learn more about terms and condition in our Amaron link page

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